Points of Interest on the Water Trail
Items marked * are kayak-only access; ** denotes a YouTube video is available.
*1. Upper Magothy above bridge: headwater marsh, SAV, wildlife.
**2. Beachwood Park and Launch: 150 yard carry for paddlers; nature trail.
3. Totem pole at Camp Whippoorwill (GSA) at mouth of Cockey Creek.
4. Cockey Creek: kayak access only to headwater marsh.
**5. Ross Cove: narrow but deep entrance. Hidden Gem
6. North Ferry Pt: divers have found remnants of old ferry dock.
**7. Blackhole Creek: wildlife; protected anchorage but kayak access only to coves at headwaters. Cedar Island is the fourth largest island in the Magothy. Remnants of alum factory found by divers; alum was used to make gunpowder. Home of Patapskut Sailing Assn. Hidden Gem
8. Eagle Hill: Highest point in the watershed, overlooks Broad Creek and Blackhole Creek. Named for the numerous eagles seen here.
**9. Broad Creek: scenic anchorage; plentiful wildlife at headwater marsh across from unnamed island accessible only by kayak. Rock Point at the mouth of this creek was named by the Coast Guard due to its extensive oyster bars that were a hazard to navigation. Home of the Glass House. Hidden Gem
*10. Park Creek and Park Lake: 1 foot depth at entrance; scenic.
**11. Dobbins Island: popular anchorage on the Sillery Bay side. Passengers were carried in a horse-drawn carriage across the sandbar that still exists between Dobbins Island and the mainland.
**12. Grays Creeks: protected anchorages; northern branch paddle only. Fuel dock at southern branch at Atlantic Marina.
**13. Cornfield Creek: protected anchorage; extensive natural shoreline.
**14. Red House Cove, Eagle Cove and Gibson Island Inner Harbor: protected anchorages; extensive natural shorelines.
* **15. Cooleys Pond on Gibson Island: abundant SAV and wildlife. Hidden Gem
16. Little Magothy River: narrow, shallow entrance. Natural shoreline at headwater marsh.
17. Deep Creek: scenic; natural shoreline at headwaters; home of boater-friendly Deep Creek Restaurant. Fairwinds Marina at confluence with mainstem.
**18. Lake Placid: abundant SAV; 3’ depth. Hidden Gem
**19. Spriggs Farm Park: Paddling launch, 130 yard carry with steep slope before launch. To obtain combination to gate, go to www.aacounty.org/RecParks/parks/community/spriggs.cfm.
**20. Scheides Cove: narrow inlet accessible by small boats. Hidden Gem
21. Forked Creek: scenic views; kayak only to headwater marshes. Home of Belvedere Yacht Club.
* **22. Bohdal Pond: scenic marsh with abundant SAV and wildlife. Hidden Gem
**23. Spriggs Pond: rock jetty at entrance. Hidden Gem
24. South Ferry Point is the historic site of the Mago Vista Beach Club, complete with a dance hall, high diving board and an alligator pond. Now home to The Moorings condominiums.
25. Mill Creek: scenic; Ferry Point Marina and boat-friendly The Point Crab House and Grill at entrance.
26. Dividing Creek: scenic; Magothy Marina with gas dock at entrance.
27.Cypress Creek: Home of Cypress Marine; scenic marshes at headwaters.
28. Hamilton Harbour Marina just north of Cattail Creek entrance.
29. Tar Hill Cove: cove marsh at headwater.
30. Old Man Creek: scenic; headwater marsh.