Main features and history

Ferry Point Yacht Basin, a public marina with a boat ramp, is at the
mouth of Mill Creek. It is reached from Mago Vista Road; near the end of
that road, turn left on River Road and look for the marina entrance. Their
address and phone are 700 Mill Creek Rd, Arnold, 410-544-6368; call first
to make sure their ramp is available and check their hours and fees. In the
ADC map book see Map 15, grid G6.

Moving from Mill Creek downriver towards Forked Creek, you go around
South Ferry Point, which has some interesting SAV beds (see Living
resources below). Next you pass Spriggs Pond (ADC map 15, grid J7),
which has a narrow dredged opening, and go around Wilson’s Wharf to
Forked Creek.

Water Quality

MRA sampled a station outside the mouth of this creek and Dividing
Creek from 1992 to 1996, called MR5. Water quality was generally good.

Living Resources

SAV: The main species in Mill Creek is horned pondweed; in some springs
it has almost filled the creek form shore to shore, except for the channel. A
few scattered shoots of Eurasian watermilfoil were also found in 1997 near
the upper limit of navigation.

Moving downriver from the creek, South Ferry Point has beds of wild
celery, redhead grass, and widgeongrass. This is the farthest upriver that
wild celery has been found, and the farthest upriver record for
widgeongrass on the south shore. The beds are mostly upriver of the pier
with the huge boat house, and some are quite close to the bulkhead.
WARNING: there are numerous stone groins sticking out from the
bulkheads, so watch out for these if you approach the shore looking for
SAV beds.

Moving farther downriver, Sprigg’s Pond has not had any SAV mapped by
the aerial survey. In late June, 1996, ground surveys showed horned
pondweed growing in this pond.
Sprigg’s Pond seems to be a favorite turtle habitat, probably snapping
turtles. A resident of 50 years ago caught huge terrapins here and sold
them to Baltimore restaurants.


The non-tidal portion of Mill Creek is quite long, extending almost to
Arnold Road at Ritchie Highway, which is the southern watershed
boundary between the Magothy and Severn Rivers.
It drains the eastern edge of the Anne Arundel Community College
campus; the rest of the campus is drained by Dividing Creek