Main features and history

This creek is well known for Deep Creek Restaurant on the north shore,
and for Fairwinds Marina on the south shore near the mouth. Fairwinds
has a public boat ramp; call 410-974-0758 for their hours and fees, and
for directions.

Water Quality

MRA sampled a station in the mouth of Deep Creek (MR11) from 1992
to 1996. The water quality was often slightly poorer than that measured
at stations nearby, possibly because the mouth of the creek is close to
the mouth of the river, and opens towards it. Sampling done in and just
outside the mouth showed that sometimes the water entering the river
from the Bay was “dirtier” than the water in the river, with less water
clarity than in the river. Occasional Secchi depths measured at the Cape
Saint Claire Marina, across from Deep Creek Restaurant, showed fairly
poor water quality at that point, with several readings of 0.4 meters.

Living Resources

SAV: There is a bed of sago pondweed just inside the north side of the
mouth of the creek, just upriver from a long pier, which is large enough
to be mapped in the SAV aerial survey. There are also scattered small
beds of Eurasian watermilfoil along the creek, and a bed of wild celery
at the upper limit of navigation in the creek. Horned pondweed is also
found here in the spring.


The non-tidal portion is fairly short and has several branches. The
longest extends just south of College Parkway in three branches, just
west of Bellerive Drive.