Magothy River Association & Operation Clearwater 2018

Dr. Tammy Domanski, Professor at Anne Arundel Community College, coordinates this program. They monitor fecal enterococci, a group of bacteria associated with the waste of birds and mammals. With your membership, Operation Clearwater will provide regular monitoring of the microbial water quality at your waterfront recreational area.

Samples will be collected on Wednesdays between 0800 and 1200 from land at your waterfront facilities. Please let us know the exact location (using map grids to locate) to sample. Results are posted at on Thursday afternoons and your rep will receive an email notification that results are posted.

There will be two testing schedules this summer:

  1. 14-week weekly schedule, costing $378, May 23 through August 22*
  2. 7-week biweekly schedule, costing $189, May 23 through August 22*

*During 4th of July week, samples will be collected on Monday, July 2nd to provide data to communities before the holiday.

These prices are based on $27/sample, which just covers the cost of testing. Please enclose the application below and include a check payable to AACC Environmental Center and mail it to the AACC Environmental Center, 101 College Parkway, Arnold MD 21012 by May 1, 2018. Tammy can be reached at 443 994-9236 at

Once you send in your form, you will receive email verification of receipt within 2 weeks. If you do not receive email verification by May 20, please email or call Tammy at the contact information above to ensure that your form has been processed and your community is on the schedule.

We also offer the optional service of having data reported to the Waterkeeper Swim Guide. This service provides a mobile app at which users can view data on mobile devices – Please indicate on your form if you would like your weekly data submitted to the Swim Guide. Thank you.

Download Form Here