Main Features and History

Water Quality: MRA sampled a station outside the mouth of this creek and MillCreek from 1992 to 1996, called MR5. Water quality was generallygood.

Living Resources

SAV: Sparse beds of horned pondweed; nothing mapped in aerial


The non-tidal portion has three main branches. The largest (and the
only one shown on the ADC map 15, grid E9) crosses Ritchie Highway
at the intersection with College Parkway, and formed the dip in the
road at that point. A smaller branch to the north crosses Ritchie
Highway just south of Jones Station Road. Small areas of wetlands
along its banks were destroyed by the construction of the Rite Aid
store. Another small branch to the south crosses College Parkway and
can be seen in a ravine on the Anne Arundel Community College
campus, between the old and new campuses.