After two years of work and terabyte of video collected, the Magothy River Association is happy to report that the Magothy River Water Trail Map is now available. The map highlights 3o points of interest with the locations of 9 hidden places that small boats and kayakers can visit along the Magothy river. This project was produced by MRA volunteers and funded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust. The Magothy River Water Trail Map is published in a special folded format which can be easily carried in your pocket!

What makes the Magothy River Water Trail Map so unique is that embedded in the map are 13 HD u-tube videos that can be viewed as your travel along the water trail. See 2 of the 13 videos below. Also as part of this project MRA has produced a special educational family oriented Magothy River Water Trail Map trivia game that can be played while anchored or at home. Unfortunately only a limited number of these maps will be produced moving forward.